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About the BC Cherry Association

The BC Cherry Association (BCCA) represents growers, marketers, packers, researchers and industry members. The BCCA sponsors research to grow and deliver top quality cherries to markets around the world. We also work to promote and strengthen marketing opportunities.

Our research

The BCCA supports research projects that help advance the cherry industry. Successful projects on pest control, post harvest handling, breeding, and disease suppression are examples of work done in past.

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Our Marketing

The BCCA works with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the BC Ministry of Agriculture to administer export programs. We also act as the industry body when negotiating market access for new cherry export deals.

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Grower resources

It is currently membership renewal time! More information will be available under this tab in the near future. In the meantime, click below to find the membership form.

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Latest News

BC2CA - California Export 2018

Application packages for the "BC2CA" California Export Program for packing facilities have been finalized and emailed out to everyone on our contact list. If you need an application and did not receive one, please email admin@bccherry.com to request one. The deadline for submission of applications and program payment is May 4th, close of business.

China Export Program 2018

2018 China Export Program documents are now available for growers and packing facilities wishing to export their cherries to the PRC this year. If you need the forms and didn't receive them by email already, please email admin@bccherry.com to request them. The deadline for getting applications in and payment completed is Thursday March 29, 2018, but it's a good idea to get your forms in as early as possible in case there are any corrections needed. One change to note for 2018 is that applications are to be emailed (or mailed) directly to the CFIA, with a duplicate application sent separately to the BC Cherry Association, along with the payment page. For more information, please contact the CFIA, or email the BCCA at the address above.

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